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About Us


In November 1987 the late Barry Vicary and a group of NASHO friends met in Queens Park, Toowoomba QLD to form the National Servicemen’s Association.


They were Vietnam Era National Servicemen who had served in Australia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.  They were seeking a better deal for all Australian Nashos to provide an avenue for them to find support, advocacy and camaraderie when they needed it.


South Australia was the first State Branch outside Queensland and was formed in 1992, followed by Victoria in 1994 and NSW in 1995.  Currently the Association has Branches in all States and Territories throughout Australia with the Officer Training Unit (OTU) Association as an affiliated member.


In September 1995, some 16 NASHOs met in Sydney and formed the NSW State Branch of the Association.  From 1995 to 1998 after a great deal of activity from a dedicated few, that 16 had grown to approximately 3,000 members with almost 20 Sub-Branches located throughout the State.  At its peak membership, NSW had over 40 Sub-Branches.  These Sub-Branches have a commitment to help the community, encourage fellowship between members and offer assistance and guidance on matters that affect the welfare of all NASHOS regardless of their membership.


A National Memorial dedicated to all National Servicemen and in memory of those who died was officially opened by the Governor-General at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra in September 2010.


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Our Vision




     To bring together former National Servicemen within a spirit of comradeship and mutual support.

     To encourage fellowship between members and provide assistance and guidance on matters that affect the welfare of all National Servicemen.

     To maintain an organisation that will benefit all Ex National Servicemen and their families.

     To continue the tradition of “National Service” through service to the nation and the community.



Our Mission


     To represent all former National Servicemen in matters relating to their service.

     To continue to seek recognition of National Servicemen for their past service to the nation.

     Observe “National Servicemen’s Day” February 14th which recognises the contribution of National Service to Australia.

     Observe and participate in all designated service related commemorative events.

     Promote and develop camaraderie through social activities at all levels of the Association.

     Assist and cooperate with other organisations which have like membership and purpose as the National Servicemen’s Association.

     Have regard to matters affecting the freedom and identity of Australia as may arise and take such action that may be appropriate.

     To promote the history and sacrifice of National Service in Australia as part of Australia’s Military History.


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Navy Intake, HMAS LEEUWIN, WA 1954












Our Sub-Branches


The NSW State Executive administers a network of Sub-Branches throughout the State. They continue their “Service to the Nation” by serving their local community.


They comprise of individual members and each operates as an independent group with their own constitution and elected management committee under the umbrella of the State Management and the Guidelines and Principals of the National Association.  Each conducts regular member meetings according to their local need.


They participate in local commemorative events including National Servicemen’s Day in February, ANZAC Day in April, Reserve Forces Day in July and Vietnam Veteran's Day in August. Other events and social activities are conducted annually to suit member needs and the local schedule.


They are unique as a group: They have the common elements of age, experience, service and beliefs that act to bond members, which enable them to use their heritage to accomplish mateship, camaraderie and the fulfilment of projects within the local group and the wider community.


The Association operate for the benefit of all National Servicemen. If you are an individual or a group who see an advantage in joining the network or you wish to enquire about a particular Sub-Branch, Email State Secretary to contact us and provide enough information for a return contact.




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15th NSTB, E Coy 1954












Our State Executives





Barry O'Keefe

Email Barry Long Jetty, NSW
Phone Barry:  0408 610 241


Noel Moulder

Email Noel Long Jetty, NSW
Phone Noel:  0414 075 122


Norm Mallard

Email Norm Sutton Forest, NSW
Phone Norm:  0419 682 444



Noel Moulder Email Noel Long Jetty, NSW
Phone Noel:  0414 075 122



Our Management Team



Noel Moulder

Long Jetty, NSW


Robert Brown

Southern Highlands


Tony Winter

Tamworth, NSW


Keith Stevenson

Tamworth, NSW



Raymond McCann, Brigadier (Rtd) AM OBE


Rev. Howard Knowles BA TH Dip JP




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2 Platoon A Coy 11 NSTB First intake 1959














President's Bulletin:

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State Newsletter:

December 2019




Our range of marchandise can be viewed and purchased on line via the Military Shop website.



Membership Forms:

Contact the Membership Officer, Noel Moulder for all membership enquiries.


Download NSW State Branch Letter of Confirmation

Download Renewal Procedure

Download Application for Membership Form:     *doc    *pdf

Download 2023 Membership Renewal Form:     *doc    *pdf




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2 RTB 6 Platoon B Coy 2nd Intake 1968














State or Sub-Branch events may be advertised here.  Contact the Secretary to advise of your event.












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2 RTB 14 Pl 4 Section 3rd Intake 1972












Contact Us


The National Servicemen's Association of Australia NSW Branch Inc
ABN:  81165624064     CFN:  23158


Post us a Letter to:

PO Box 6187


Call us on:

Secretary:     Noel Moulder

State Office:  0414 075 122


Email us at:  nashonsw@outlook.com




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The National Servicemen’s Association of Australia

New South Wales Branch Inc

ABN:  81165624064     CFN:  23158



Patron:   Raymond McCann, Brigadier (Rtd) AM OBE

Chaplain:  Rev. Howard Knowles BA TH Dip JP


Office:  C/- 61 Blueridge Dr, Blue Haven NSW 2262

Post:  Post Box 6187, Long Jetty NSW 2261          Email:  nashonsw@outlook.com